Maxeke Club


The Maxeke Club is an initiative borne from the Charlotte Mannya-Maxeke Institute to gather support for our ongoing programs.

The Institute runs programs that aim to help, uplift, and support community members who are deprived of certain services and rights. These programs involve giving a learning experience, a social experience, an entrepreneurial experience, as well as other important experiences to enhance their welfare.

We ask you to join us to plan and source out more assets and means to create more long-term solutions and voluntary efforts to aid our ongoing programs.

Our Programs

Youth Forum:

Future Leaders – A Manifesto reflecting on the state of the school and the concern of learners, paired with possible solutions suggested by the students themselves. The RCL is tasked to do field work at the school communicating with learners and teachers learning about the challenges and what possible solutions would elevate the schooling environment to the next level.


ONE SCHOOL ONE GARDEN: offers an opportunity for the learners to learn Agriculture Skills and start their own vegetable garden, they start a garden bed, create a schedule to look after the garden, and get to see their produce and the process it took to bring it to life.

One Home One Garden:

An agriculture Self-Feeding Program where members of the community learn how to start and maintain a garden through the utilization of a community garden as well as in their own backyards.

Kliptown Community Program:

Sports and Arts programs such as Tennis, Soccer, Netball, and Music for youth aged 6-18. The youth is transported, and coached by volunteers specializing in their respective fields.

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