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In contrast to what we already know about Charlotte Mannya-Maxeke, Beauty of the Heart provides something fresh and new. It reveals fresh information about her life and integrates it into a fascinating existence narrative that is neither overflowing in its devotion of neither sparing in its acknowledgment of his extraordinary leader. Furthermore, it releases previously unseen images that enable readers to sense and understand the subject in a way that isn't clear from earlier images.

This book most importantly serves as a reminder that even in those desperate and dark times of the late 19th and early 20th century, there was a chance for hope when moral leaders bravely stood up in the face of that time's despair and laid the groundwork for a new nation that would patiently emerge decades later. Thanks to Charlotte Mannya-Maxeke and Zubeida Jaffer, we are now reminded of this message, which is desperately desired in today's society.

Size: 150mm X 220mm
Length: 168 pages
Soft Cover

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